Diesel Particulate Filter Treatment

DPF Treatment to the vehicle fuel tank

If you have a modern diesel car, it almost certainly has a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This is a complex component designed to trap harmful pollutants before they can escape into the atmosphere. It catches exhaust gases and soot particles and so reducing the emissions from the exhaust.

As with all filters, they do need to be cleaned intermittently to prevent them from becoming blocked. If you regularly drive on the motorway, the continued fast speed will allow a regeneration process to take place in the filter and so it is cleaned by itself. However, if like many people, the majority of your driving takes place at lower speeds in towns, you’ll need to bring your car into Lava's Garage so that the filter can be cleaned and the performance of your car maintained.

At our workshop in Stornoway, we use Fortron Diesel Particulate Filter Treatment (DPF) which has been formulated as a fuel tank additive to treat this problem and to act as a preventative maintenance tool. By adding Fortron DPF Treatment to the vehicle fuel tank, it will greatly extend the period required for the DPF to be cleaned.

At Lava's Garage, we have the skilled technicians and equipment necessary at our site in Stornoway, to fully clean your filters, without replacing them. Get in touch today.

To find out more about our Diesel Particulate Filter Treatment in Stornoway, get in touch online or call us directly on 01851 702326

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